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Obi Shell Reading

Obi readings uses four cowrie shells or split coconut. Designed for yes or no answers; this west African divination system, developed thousands of years ago by the Yoruba people, calls upon the knowledge of your ancestors to give you the re-assurance, guidance and solutions to your problems. However, you do not have to belong to any specific religion or belief system to benefit from an obi reading!

It's common for us to want and need guidance on many of our concerns in life. We seek answers to important questions to prepare us for making the best possible decisions. Whether it be about love, money, health concerns, finances or even to know if you're living in alignment with your destiny; know that you can easily receive the answers you're looking for. Initiated in the Yoruba religion, I am knowledgeable on how to use this ancient divination system to assist you in finding the answers you need.

Readings can be done by phone or by email.  

Obi Reading $10

I use shamanic energetic Native American and West African healing techniques that have been passed down to me by generations (I am a multicultural mix of African-American and Cherokee) to access spiritual information and energy to assist you in becoming energetically whole and balanced by retrieving "lost or misplaced" parts of your energy field, and by removing energies that do not serve your best interest.