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Specialty Thai Spa Treatments

Joyful Healing Holistic Therapy is delighted to introduce our Specialty Thai Spa Experience Treatments, a selection of wellness therapies and beauty treatments based on recipes and techniques used by ancient royalty, handed down through the centuries. Created with natural ingredients in mind, the treatments and products are inspired by healing methods and precious ingredients that have been known to generations of royalty for their nourishing, calming and purifying effects on the body and mind.

Majestic Sa-at Tension Reliever

(Thai Herbal Compress, Sugar Body Scrub, Aroma Hot Towel Treatment)

Sa-at means “detoxify” in Thai, and this treatment includes a blend of precious ingredients designed to do just that. First, a Thai herbal compress made of dried herbs work to help eliminate internal toxins and reduce the effects of external environmental pollution. A Thai herbal scrub then gently exfoliates the skin’s surface. Finally, an aromatic Rejuvenating oil infused into a hot towel helps to seal the skin’s pores, and its combination of fragrances works to cleanse the mind as deeply as the body.

Royal Lanna Signature Treatment

(Face & Scalp therapy, Foot & Leg Bath, Aroma Hot Towel)

The Royal Lanna Signature Treatment begins with a heavenly face and scalp treatment where oil is lightly applied to release tension and prepare the body and spirit for the precious Royal Exfoliation. A nourishing foot bath with Himalayan salt and essential oils follows, with special attention to feet and legs, then a gentle aroma hot towel treatment soothes the body with a special Rejuvenating Oil that is known for its firming and antioxidants effects.

Royal Samunprai

(Thai Herbal Compress, Aroma Hot Towel, Foot Bath)

Let tensions drift away during this traditional Thai treatment, unchanged since the 18th century, when hot therapies were administered to soldiers returning home from war with muscle aches and bruises. The treatment has been given a luxurious touch with the use of Thai herbal compress silk filled with heated medicinal herbs to open the pores and soothe muscles, releasing tensions and revitalizing the mind. An invigorating aroma hot towel treatment with rejuvenating essential oil takes the body on a journey of complete renewal. This treatment concludes with a foot bath composed of warm stones under warmed aromatherapy water. Attention is given to the feet and legs so that you will leave feeling as if you are floating on air!

*Treatments may run from 45 min - 60 min.

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